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Penn Valley Vineyards

Do Wine and Flying ever mix? Well, perhaps not...but flying Drones over Penn Valley

Vineyards is a great combination. With Alex West of Chase International Real Estate, and his

Client Jason, we embarked on a beautiful journey covering over 400 Acres of prime working land,

and explored 8 unique and stunning home sites. "We flew the Drone as far as the eye could

see" remarked VREN Director of Photography Steve Mitchell. " It was more stunning then Alex

had described, and between the hi rez stills and the motion video, I think we captured the a

sense of the enormity and lush beauty of the site." The half day shoot will result in a two-three

minute video that will reach clients world wide. "For a better tour you would have to see this

property in person." The property is listed for a modest 10 million, so get your closest eight

friends together, as it may go fast.

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